Are you ready to make a career change but aren’t quite sure how? Do you have passion for learning and trying new things? Are you interested in software development and

So you’ve decided this coding thing might be for you, you’ve taken the steps to get where you want to go in your career by applying, and you’ve been accepted

For many students, it’s been a while since they’ve been in school full-time. While our students are typically up for and ready to take on that challenge, it can still

Career support is a critical part of your time in class, and we aim to make sure you’re equipped and ready to jump into your new career field with confidence!

What am I getting myself into? You’re probably asking yourself this after we’ve sent you three emails telling you that we’re excited to have you in for an interview. Our

  Who chooses what we teach? I know, I know. Another article telling you “why you should care” about something. But I promise – this one matters. When students come

  Applying to ARCA can be a big step, and we want you to be armed with information when you walk in the doors for your first interview! We hear